“Bartolomeo’s Bad Beat”

Looking closely through the lettering, under the tags and phrasing, one will see the scientific spelling-out of how to win or lose money. A Bookmaker’s “board”. Printout after printout abandoned on the betting agency’s floor. Who scores big will keep the sheet, who takes the beat will drop it.  Bartolomeo’s bad beat sheets supply the nervous impetus of lettering and numbers that kindle Migliore’s graffiti and branding…a practice that began long ago during his guitar-pounding, album cutting, early 80s Punk phase. After 40 years,  Bartolomeo has highly refined his graphism without losing its primitive lure. LP, 45’s or  CD  circles and fragmented  phrasing,: Lettered and littered, scratched and scribbled, erased and restarted… lost protests, forgotten band-names and advertising.

The Sucker’s bad -luck documents  have been sealed forever in plastic after the artist’s transformation.  Start over time-capsules.

            -Kspaces Torino archive

Strike. 2022. Polyptych. (16). Mixed media on plastic-sealed paper. (21x30cm each)

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