“Io Sono Dio”

(I am God)

My images are unnatural, indeed they are a challenge against nature. When I write “I am god” this is exactly what I mean: I want to challenge nature, this is the purpose of my scientific research. When I paint I am no longer in nature, I compare myself with nature from the outside, recreating it. My paintings are a kind of genetic engineering experiment. These latest works of mine are totally autonomous. I think they are my best works because they come from studies of mathematics and philosophy and not from artistic relationships that I have had in the past. I haven’t even looked at catalogs or art magazines for months, and instead I read scientific essays. That’s why I say – defiantly – that I am a scientist -god.

-Answers  from the interview by  Pierluigi Pusole.  Io sono Dio. by Massimiliano Gioni, WWW TRAX. 2018.

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