“Pollen spreaders”

They beat and hammer, whirl and snort, brush and bang, rattle and screech, lights flash on and off…. as in life: a perpetual cycle.

These are the Zjos Meyvis pollen spreaders.

The works of art by Zjos Meyvis are essential in their complexity. They deal with the most important thing: the survival of man. No being is immortal. Reproducing is the most important thing. In this process of survival, pollen and its distribution are essential. Not only for direct food, but also for the survival of plant and animal species … also for the mammal, known as ‘HOMO SAPIENS ‘.

Meyvis, the HOMO FABER, the artist tinker, reminiscent of a “Day After” hypothesis, combines recycled appliances, bits of furniture, leather, wire, rubber, glass and plastic and above all -pollen- in a heroic assemblage mechanized in order to save the human race.

The Pollen spreaders  illustrate the vulnerability of food production. The awareness that insects, especially bees, but also butterflies and bumblebees are dying out.

We must not go wrong, behind this playful arrangement, a socially engaged art is hidden.

-Zjos Meyvis/Kspaces Torino Archive 2022

Sky Fertilizer. 2015. Kinetic, Assembled and mechanized materials, pollen.
L.46x B. 27x H. 41cm
Pollen Collection Device. 2015. Kinetic, Assembled and mechanized materials, pollen.
L. 50x B.30x H 62cm

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